December 1, 2001 – December 1, 2001

M. Blaine Smith

M. Blaine Smith, (1946-2021) held a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University, the Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. Blaine was an ordained Presbyterian minister who lectured widely on topics of guidance and God’s will, Christian living, and personal growth. His lectures have been recorded for Guidance by the Book, part of a home-study course produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network. In 1978 Smith founded Nehemiah Ministries with the goal of “helping Christians understand God’s guidance in their lives and realize their personal potential.” Blaine retired from Nehemiah Ministries in 2009. The organization’s bimonthly newsletter, seminars, articles, books, and website have benefited many Christians around the world.

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