January 4, 2009 – January 13, 2010

Mere Christianity: The Book, The Idea, the Legacy


Mere Christianity developed from a series of BBC radio talks delivered by C.S. Lewis during the Second World War. The book is a classic of Christian apologetics and one of the most important apologetics works of the 20th Century.

There is an underlying theme to Mere Christianity that even the most careful reader can miss due to the many rich insights and profound wisdom that overflow its pages.

In this study course, Dr. Christopher Mitchell, Former Director of the Marion Wade Center at Wheaton College, helps us dive deeper into Lewis’s work and shares insights and lessons from Mere Christianity.

This series is based on four lectures by Dr. Mitchell and is offered as separate video and audio recordings. Testimonials from key leaders who’ve been particularly influenced by Mere Christianity are also provided at the end of the study course.

Download the Study Guide:

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