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Apologetics Applied: Tough Questions - Effective Answers?

Sometimes we may have the answers to certain tough questions, but they may be aimed more at people who do believe, rather than to people who do not already believe in Christ. Most of the claims people make as to why God is not to be believed in today have to do with morality, whether God is actually moral or not. In an effort to provide some effective tips on evangelism, Michael Ramsden offers answers to questions about the moral character of God.

This resource is part of a series on Answering the Tough Questions. Click here to listen to the full series

Michael Ramsden

Michael Ramsden is the founder of The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He spent most of his childhood in the Middle East and later moved to the UK, where he worked for the Lord Chancellor’s Department investing funds. Michael went on to teach jurisprudence at the University of Sheffield, while doing research in law and economics. His passion is to engage with people of all backgrounds and cultures about questions of faith, which he has been doing for over twenty years. He speaks in business, academic, political, and other settings across the globe, ranging from Europe and the Middle East, to Asia and the Americas.


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