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A Bible Study for Adolescents and Teens

Over the next eight weeks, you will explore together what it means to be a person of character. During this time, you will find out what God has to say about certain character traits and think about how you might build those traits into your own character. A “trait” is a feature of your personality that tells people about the person you are. As followers of Christ, we want to be like Jesus. We know that He consistently demonstrated strong moral character. But we also know that we cannot become like Jesus based on our own efforts. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to transform us into the image of Christ. Using God’s word, you can open your heart to His transforming influence in your life.


Building Character

Mona Lindeman

Mona Lindeman, CPA, serves Christ in the community, growing where God has planted her. These days that garden for growth ranges from tutoring speakers of other languages in English to leading a neighborhood Bible study to joining with her husband, Jeff, in mentoring young couples preparing for marriage. Mona is a CPA and a former partner with PYA, a management consulting and accounting firm specializing in the healthcare industry.


Susan O. Ward

Susan O. Ward, is a consultant, writer, and editor. She was Deputy Administrator of the Washington State Health Care Authority and Director of Quality for the Washington State Hospital Association. Previously, she worked for several consulting firms, health plans, and a policy research organization. She has served on the boards of the C. S. Lewis Institute (DC) and New Horizons Ministries (Seattle) and as an elder at her Seattle church. Susan completed the Coracle Fellowship, as well as the CSLI Fellows and Discipleship programs. She has mentored CSLI Fellows, youth ministry staff, and students in a job search program for immigrants. She received her Master of Health Services Administration from University of Michigan.


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GLOBAL EVENT: Is Jesus the Only Way? with Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing 8:00PM ET

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