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Can Life Have Meaning Without God?

What happens to our sense of meaning and purpose for life when God is missing? Dr. Andy Bannister speaks regularly on radio, television, and in universities and congregations around the world. Here he addresses the concept of the meaning of life with and without God.

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Andy Bannister

Andy Bannister, Professor, is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity speaking and teaching regularly throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and the wider world. He holds a PhD in Islamic studies and has taught extensively at universities across Canada, the USA, the UK and further afield on both Islam and philosophy.  He is an author of several books including: The Atheist Who Didn't Exist (or: The Dreadful Consequences of Really Bad Arguments), Heroes: Five Lessons From Whose Lives We Can Learn and his most recent, Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?


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