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Fatherhood of God

There are so many differences between an orphan heart and a heart of sonship. These differences cover twenty areas of life, for example The image of God. A orphan heart will see God as a Master while a heart of sonship will see God as a Loving Father.

Knowing God as our Father is foundational to our spiritual life and is essential for faithful and fruitful discipleship. However, many people have a distorted view of God that cripples their experience with Him. Pastor Stuart McAlpine takes a look at each of the sons and the father in Jesus’ parable found in Luke 15 and exhorts us to more fully understand our identity as sons and daughters of God the Father.

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Stuart McAlpine

Stuart McAlpine, is a teaching fellow at the C.S. Lewis Institute and the founding pastor of Christ our Shepherd Church located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. He speaks at churches and conferences around the world and lectures for the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program. He has a great knowledge of and love for the works of C.S. Lewis. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Theology from Cambridge University in Great Britain.


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