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with Stuart McAllister and Cameron McAllister

How do we protect our children and grandchildren from the seductive culture of this world and raise them in the Christian faith? Christian apologists, father and son, Stuart and Cameron McAllister have wrestled with this and other questions concerning how to keep the faith in the home both in their personal and professional lives.

Hear how they were able to find principles which helped them keep the faith from father to son in ways which created honest conversations, ways to explore truth and lasting relationships with one another and Jesus Christ.

Stuart, whose early life was one of crime on the streets of Glasgow and Cameron who grew up in a loving Christian home will reflect on how their experiences were used by God to build a loving Christ-centered home and family.

Join us for this livestream presentation, and invite your friends and neighbors to watch with you!

Date:  Friday, May 17, 2024
Time: 8:00 - 9:15pm ET
Speaker:  Stuart McAllister & Cameron McAllister
Location: Livestream Webinar

Faith that Lasts

In Faith That Lasts, the McAllisters reflect on their own experiences of coming to Christian faith—Stuart from a life of crime on the streets of Glasgow, and Cameron in the context of a loving Christian home. Together they outline three dangerous myths that we all too easily buy into: that fear can protect our children, that information can save them, and that their spiritual education belongs to the experts. They reconsider each myth in the light of the Christian faith and their own experiences.

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Additional Resources

Over the past 48 years we have developed many publications, discipleship resources, videos, and tools to help you grow in your faith. Because you were interested in this event we have pulled together the following resources that we believe will be of interest to you.

Keeping the Faith Program

CSLI's Keeping The Faith program has been developed to equip you - parents, grandparents and other caring adults - for intentional discipleship of the children God has placed in your life. Our goal is to provide you with both resources that will be available to you at a moments reach, as well as deeper more thoughtful resources that will help to ‘fill your well’.

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Keeping the Faith Program offers two study courses:

Building Character: A Bible Study for Adolescents and Teens

An 8-week study designed to help you find out what God has to say about certain character traits and think about how you might build those traits into your own character.

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Keeping the Faith: Equipping Families for Effective Discipleship 

This guidebook leads participants through an 8- or 9-month series of readings, group discussions, and family activities, with an emphasis on a vibrant relationship with Jesus, fellowship with other believing families, prayer and Bible study, high-quality books, thoughtful discussion and practical application.

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Defending the Faith for a New Generation

As Jesus traveled throughout Israel urging people to repent and believe the gospel, "Follow me" was a constant refrain in his message. Have you ever probed the meaning of this phrase?

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Stuart McAllister

Stuart McAllister is an itinerant speaker and writer. Since becoming a Christian in his home country of Scotland in 1977, he has traveled the globe, first smuggling bibles and other Christian resources behind the Iron Curtain. Throughout almost forty-five years of ministry, he has spoken to business groups, medical professionals, and government and community leaders. He has been a frequent contributor to many publications over the years. He has contributed chapters in the books Beyond Opinion (Thomas Nelson, 2007) and Global Missiology for the 21st Century (World Evangelical Fellowship, 2000). He and his son, Cameron, have co- written a book, Faith That Lasts: A Father and Son on Cultivating Lifelong Belief , which was published in 2021.

Cameron McAllister

Cameron McAllister is the Director of Content and a Teaching Fellow for the C.S. Lewis Institute. He is also the co-founder of Thinking Out Loud where he’s a speaker, writer and one half of the Thinking Out Loud podcast, a weekly podcast about current events and Christian hope. He is the co-author (with his father, Stuart) of Faith That Lasts: A Father and Son on Cultivating Lifelong Belief. A staff writer with Christ & Pop Culture, Cameron’s writing has appeared in Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, Think Christian, and Fathom Magazine. He holds a masters degree in apologetics from Houston Baptist University. Cameron and his wife Heather live in the Atlanta area with their two children.  

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