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As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to share our faith with others. However, most church-goers are reluctant to do so. Part of that reluctance is that most believers are not prepared—they have not studied or planned—to be able to give an answer for why they believe.

The Bible not only commands us to share our faith, but it also gives us wonderful guidance on how to do so. Through the Bible study below and the other Aslan Academy resources in this section, you and your children can be prepared to share faith in a winsome, joy-filled way. Follow the Seven-Step Plan for using these resources in an effective way. With the cultural backdrop of today’s world, it is more important than ever for believers to give an answer for their hope.

Read 1 Peter 3:15. What do you think it means to “be prepared to give an answer” for the hope you have?

In what way are we to give our answer?

Read John 3:16–19. When describing your faith in Jesus, how can this passage be an encouragement to nonbelievers? In verse 19, how does this explain how some people are not interested in hearing about Jesus?

Read Matthew 28:18–20. What does Jesus mean by “making disciples”? Does this seem broader to you than simply seeking “conversions”?
Read Colossians 3:12–14. What should our attitude and actions be toward those with whom we are discussing our faith?
In verse 14, what is the most important thing we must have as we live out our faith?
Think of the people with whom you regularly come into contact. What are some cultural barriers or difficulties you could expect if you have a conversation about faith?
List some possible ways you can prepare to overcome these difficulties. Are there questions you could ask that would lead you into an opportunity for a deeper discussion?

Prepare a three-minute and a five-minute explanation of how you came to a saving faith in Jesus. Commit to be prepared to share that testimony when the opportunity arises. A simple outline to consider is “I was once [fill in the blank], but Jesus changed me by [explain].”

Using the Aslan Academy resources, will you commit to practicing situations with your children so they can be comfortable sharing their faith with their friends?

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