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Joining God in His Work

Come and be encouraged as Stuart McAlpine shares how we can join God in His work. Learn how God is growing a dynamic, international discipleship ministry of heart and mind!

Celebrate 45 years of God’s work of heart and mind discipleship and join others who have been led to give financially to support this vital ministry! The C.S. Lewis Institute is a growing ministry, not just in numbers, but in effectiveness. Around 5,000 men and women trained in our year-long discipleship program – the CSLI Fellows Program – are intentionally pointing thousands of people to Jesus Christ in all spheres of society.

The Washington, D.C. headquarters is now overseeing 16 cities who are actively serving local churches and Christians throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain. CSLI also has an international ministry through its small group resources, website and leadership training programs overseas in India, Kenya, and Malawi. As a growing ministry, our financial needs are also increasing as we serve more and more people in the name of Christ. Our discipleship resources, programs and events are preparing men and women to disciple others to live a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ.

The need for mature followers of Jesus in our culture today has never been more apparent. Please join us in prayer and become a monthly donor, or make a special gift today so that thousands more can be equipped to stand and proclaim the Gospel of Christ.

This video presentation was made during the C.S. Lewis Institute Annual Fundraising Event celebrating the 45th year of ministry.

Stuart McAlpine

Stuart McAlpine, is a teaching fellow at the C.S. Lewis Institute and the founding pastor of Christ our Shepherd Church located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. He speaks at churches and conferences around the world and lectures for the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program. He has a great knowledge of and love for the works of C.S. Lewis. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Theology from Cambridge University in Great Britain.  

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