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Does God Exist? Can We Know God Exists By Looking Out At The Cosmos?

Arguments for God’s existence are in disfavor today. Perhaps this is because the postmodern mood doesn’t like rational arguments or because these arguments can be so philosophical and difficult to grasp. Another reason might be that most people are not ultimately persuaded to believe in Christ because of them. However, if we believe that God created the world, how can we say that there is little or no evidence that would indicate “whodunit”? Are there enough clues to solve the mystery of the maker? In fact, there are many lines of evidence we can pursue. The Handbook of Christian Apologetics lists 25 arguments for God’s existence. The next two lectures will pursue two of these arguments: “The Cosmological Argument,” and “The Argument from Desire.” The first argument is developed primarily by looking out at the evidence of the cosmos. The second is discerned by looking within at our own human desires and aspirations. The Cosmological Argument has persuaded many, and can be stated in a simple way. For believers, it shows the strong rational grounds for believing in a creator of the cosmos – which is under attack today.

Study Questions:

  1. Why should we consider arguments for God’s existence?
  2. What can we say if someone denies that something exists now?
  3. What are the options for something always existing?
  4. What are the arguments for the world having a beginning?
  5. What is the Big Bang?
  6. What is the Anthropic Principle?
  7. How do atheists respond to the fine tuning argument? Why have some (like Antony Flew) become persuaded of God’s existence because of fine-tuning arguments (despite atheist objections)?


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