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Life Was All About Me

A Fellows Feature

Having completed four years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, I began my business career in the early 1970s as a young Wall Street executive. I was highly motivated and well trained to pursue the world of finance. Although I was married with two young children, my work consumed much of my time and energy and was very important to me—too important.

Success came quickly. I was considered a leader with a bright future and so was placed on a fast track and given increased responsibilities, which of course required more of my time and attention. The financial rewards were intoxicating, and, although we have never lived extravagantly, money and income became the measuring stick of success in the competitive business world in which I was thriving. Recognition and accolades can easily deceive, and I believed that my success was a product of my own capabilities. I had grown up being told that I could accomplish anything that I chose to undertake through hard work. Life was all about me...

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Thomas W. Simmons

Thomas W. Simmons, CSLI Executive Vice President, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with degrees in chemistry and English literature. He has also undertaken graduate studies in business and finance. A 30-year Wall Street career led to positions as Senior Vice President in investment banking and finally as Managing Director of a venture capital firm. He has served on various boards of directors and boards of advisors.


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