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The Good Wine

Three days later the guests had gathered
The wine flowed like the laughter
The Feast, The Groom, The Bride.

The master poured, no stint he showed
‘til every glass overflowed
But the vessel did run dry.

Then from the empty cask there burst
The best, the last and the first
The master’s joy and pride.

Three days later the guests had scattered
Gone the wine, gone the laughter
Even the sun refused to shine.

For on an ancient, lonely hill
The sweetest wine, more sweetly spilled
From hand, foot and side.

The Master poured, no stint he knew
Wine for me – wine for you
‘til the vessel was wrung dry.

But like the feast of wedding past
The Master saved the best for last
And from the depths new wine did arise.

Come taste the sorrow, the joy, the tears
Unending wine through unending years
The Master’s joy and pride.

David Glade

David Glade, is the founding pastor of Christ the King, an Anglican church in Alexandria, VA. He and his wife, Jennifer, have six children. David received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University and his M.Div. at Trinity School for Ministry. David was ordained to the presbytery on January 27, 2005 by Archbishop Robert Duncan and was installed as the rector of Christ the King on November 21, 2008. Before planting Christ the King, David served on the pastoral staff of The Falls Church (Anglican).


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