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Profiles in Faith: Bill Bright

Last month (July 2003) in Orlando, Florida, thousands of Christians from across the country gathered for a memorial service for Dr. Bill Bright. At the same time, across the country and indeed around the world, millions of believers mourned the loss of one of the greatest Christian leaders of the 20th century.

I suspect there are very few Christians who have not had contact with Bright or know of his extraordinary work in building Campus Crusade, one of the largest evangelistic outreaches in history. Crusade has 6,500 staff members and untold thousands of volunteers sharing the gospel. The Jesus film alone has done more than any single evangelistic effort to reach billions of lost people on every continent in the world. . .

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Charles W. Colson

Charles W. Colson, Author, (1931-2012) served as Special Counsel to President Richard M. Nixon before pleading guilty on Watergate-related charges and serving a seven months prison sentence. Mr. Colson came to faith in Christ in the midst of these events, and, soon after his release in 1975, launched Prison Fellowship along with three friends. He was a syndicated columnist and contributed to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. Born Again, Colson’s first book, became an international bestseller. Since then, he has written 20 other books the royalties of which he donates to Prison Fellowship. His other books include How Now Shall We Live, Justice That Restores, and Being the Body.


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