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John Crysostom was one of the greatest preachers who ever lived. Rightly called Chrysostomos, “goldenmouth,” he lived from 344- 07 AD. He had enormous influence in his own day, both among the ordinary people and among the nobility. Since then he has been universally recognized as a saint and doctor of the church. If we are to understand the man and his impact, we must begin by looking at the world into which he was born.

The Background

John was born in the middle of the fourth century AD, a critical time of change in the Roman Empire. By the time of his death in 407, he had lived through almost the entire period during which the ancient world was irrevocably changed. When he was born, Christianity had indeed become a major religion of the empire, but it was by no means dominant. It competed with the  old pagan faiths, the imperial cult, and Judaism, all of which were flourishing. Even where Christianity was strong, it was divided...

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Michael Green

Michael Green, (1930 – 2019) was an Anglican priest, an apologist and author of more than 50 books. Some of his titles included Evangelism, Now and Then and Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family. He was formerly a Senior Research Fellow and Head of Evangelism and apologetics at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford.


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