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Major Warren Hamilton Lewis

Major Warren Hamilton Lewis was a kind-hearted and genuinely humble man, who spent most of his years living a quiet and retiring life. Were it not for his own extensive diary kept over the span of five decades, we would know very little of this reserved gentleman, who in later years grew to prefer the company of a good book to even the most congenial of social gatherings. Like most people, his life was filled with times of genuine happiness as well as moments of great sorrow. But unlike anyone else, he was C.S. Lewis’s brother.

Loving Brother

Though there is no doubt that his name is best-remembered today because he was C.S. Lewis’s brother, Warren would have willingly embraced such a designation—and not chafed under it. For in spite of the fact that he was the elder by three years, Warren never evidenced resentment at being overshadowed by his highly visible and successful younger brother. Indeed, if anything he welcomed it, for Warren and his brother (known to him as Jack) were from their earliest days the closest of friends. As Warren himself described their relationship: . . .

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Marjorie Lamp Mead

Marjorie Lamp Mead, Author, is Associate Director of the Marion E. Wade Center, and Executive Editor of VII: Journal of the Marion E. Wade Center. She has held varied positions at the Wade Center since coming to work at the collection in 1977 soon after receiving her B.A. in English Literature from Wheaton College. She holds an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College. Her published works include A Reader’s Guide Through the Wardrobe and A Reader’s Guide to Caspian (both co-authored with Leland Ryken); C.S. Lewis: Letters to Children; and Brothers and Friends: The Diaries of Major Warren Hamilton Lewis as well as numerous articles, encyclopedia entries, and chapters of books regarding the Wade authors.


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