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C.s. Lewis’s Case for Christ

by Art Lindsley

This engaging but provocative book provides an excellent cornerstone for anyone who wants to read and understand Lewis’s works and his overall approach to the Christian faith, and would like to have an outline of what they are looking for. Through a combination of dialogue amongst a projected study group, and clear expositions of the particular issues dealt with by Lewis in his work, Dr. Lindsley offers a concise and helpful guide to both newcomers to Lewis, and those who have read him for a long time, and would like to probe deeper into the implications of his work for followers of Christ today. This book would be an excellent resource for high school and college students, and their parents, who have already read one or more C.S. Lewis books, e.g., The Chronicles of Narnia or Mere Christianity, and who would like to know more about Lewis and his Christian faith.

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