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The Good Life

Augustine saw more than health and wealth in the Christianity he claimed 1,600 years ago.

Among the most memorable statements ever uttered is Saint Augustine's prayer, "You made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it finds rest in you." And, outside of the Bible, perhaps the most famous conversion story in all of Christendom is of the man who penned that prayer.

The radiant event of Augustine's con­version occurred in the late summer of A.D. 386. It was followed by a period of solitude and inner spiritual training that climaxed at his baptism on Easter Sunday, A.D. 387. As we close this sixteen-hundredth anniversary year of Au­gustine's initiation into Christianity, the many insights we can gain from his conversion journey are exceedingly rel­evant to the contemporary scene. . .

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Richard Foster

Richard Foster, is a Christian theologian and author. He is founder of Renovaré (a Christian nonprofit established in1988 to help people in becoming more like Jesus) and served as its president until 2008; he continues to serve in an advisory role. Foster has been a professor at Friends University and pastor of Evangelical Friends churches. He earned his Doctor of Pastoral Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and received an honorary doctorate from Houghton College. He is possibly best known for his 1978 book Celebration of Discipline, which sold over one million copies. It was named by Christianity Today as one of the top ten books of the 20th century.


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