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The Listening Side Of Prayer

God desires for us to be intimate with Him. If we are going to go deeper in our walk with Him, then we need to develop that intimacy. And true intimacy with God requires more than just speaking to Him—it involves listening to Him as well.

I used to think, If only God would speak more clearly, I would follow Him more closely. I have often complained that His still, small voice seemed too still and too small. But at unexpected times, when I became quiet for a few moments—stopping from my jog to watch a sunset, or gazing at a starry evening sky while taking out my trash—I have heard Him, the voice of a friend, a friend longing to be heard and waiting for my ears to be open and attentive. . .

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Stacey Padrick

Stacey Padrick, is a freelance writer, speaker, and part-time real estate investment manager. She attended San Francisco Theological Seminary studying Spiritual Direction and Ministry. Stacey received her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Westmont College and an Master’s degree in International Relations from University of Warwick. She is the author of Living with Mystery: Finding God in the Midst of Unanswered Questions (Bethany House).


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