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The Mysticism of Paul

Paul, by the grace of God, discovered that the glory of the mystical experience was waiting for any soul which gave itself in faith to Christ. Such union with the divine need be no transient splendour, flashing for a moment across life’s greyness and then gone; it could be the steady radiance of a light unsetting, filling the commonest ways of earth with a gladness that was new every morning.

It is necessary to grasp quite clearly what the term mysticism means, as applied to Paul’s religious experience. Efforts are periodically made to banish this conception altogether. But it is hard to destroy; it has a way of reasserting itself, and coming back into its own. Indeed, the stubborn survival-power of this term, in face of trenchant criticism and attack, suggests that it stands for something quite indispensable and essential in religion. . .

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James S. Stewart

James S. Stewart, Professor, (1896 – 1990) Stewart earned a first-class degree in classics at the University of St. Andrews. He studied for the ministry at New College, Edinburgh, and then did post-graduate work at the University of Bonn. In 1946, Stewart was appointed Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology in the University of Edinburgh, a post which he held for two decades until his retirement in 1966. His books include Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ (1934), A Man in Christ: the Vital Elements of Paul’s Religion (1935), Heralds of God (1946; later reprinted as Teach Yourself Preaching), and A Faith to Proclaim.


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