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God’s Provision

God is the source of all good things and He delights to provide for your needs. Learn to trust in God day by day for your physical and spiritual needs. Join us as we explore the petition, "Give us this day our daily food."

In this session, Rev. Tom Otieno, Naomi Gikonyo and Rev. Capt. Joel Apollo Soti expound on this simple prayer, “Father, give us this day our daily bread,” pointing us to Our Heavenly Father as the source of all good things that human beings need daily to live.

Tom Otieno

Rev. Tom Otieno has been a pastor for over 20 years and currently serves as the Vicar of St. Augustine Madaraka in the Anglican Church of Kenya. He is an international speaker and the founder of The Well Bethel, an interdenominational prayer, worship, and healing ministry. Rev. Tom is passionate about youth, worship, and family ministry, and he is the author of Understanding The Deliverance Ministry.

Naomi Gikonyo

Naomi Gikonyo is a professional cook serving with a Christian school in Nairobi, Kenya. She loves using her gifts and talents to serve God and to provide physical and spiritual nourishment to God’s people.

Joel Soti

Rev. Capt. Joel Soti is the Vicar of St. John Nananja Masini parish in Machakos, Kenya. He is also the Mission Director of Church Army Africa where he’s involved in urban and rural ministry and leadership training to help pastors embrace evangelism and social action. Rev. Soti holds a Master’s Degree in Mission Studies and a Bachelor's in Theology from Africa International University, as well as a Higher Diploma in Urban Mission from Carlile College. He’s currently pursuing a PhD in Christian Mission.

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