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Seeking God’s Will

The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Learn how you can discover God’s will and purposes for your life as you listen to His voice and follow Him day by day. In this session, Rev. Tom Otieno and Aseka Taabu offer insights on listening to God’s voice and understanding His will. You’ll learn to trust in Jesus as the Shepherd of your life and seek God’s will in your life, your families, and in the world around you.

Tom Otieno

Rev. Tom Otieno has been a pastor for over 20 years and currently serves as the Vicar of St. Augustine Madaraka in the Anglican Church of Kenya. He is an international speaker and the founder of The Well Bethel, an interdenominational prayer, worship, and healing ministry. Rev. Tom is passionate about youth, worship, and family ministry, and he is the author of Understanding The Deliverance Ministry.

Aseka Taabu

Aseka Taabu is an itinerant minister and speaker involved in apologetics and discipleship events in high schools, universities and churches across Kenya. His passion for the lost has seen him start discipleship groups aimed at equipping believers for works of service both in the church and corporate sphere.

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