January 1, 2010 – January 9, 2010

Basic Apologetics Course - Set 4: Responding to New Age and Cults

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Apologetics is being able to give a reasonable defense for the hope that is within you (1 Peter 3:15). The Basic Apologetics Course is designed for those who wish to be better equipped to reach
non-believers by giving honest answers to honest questions with gentleness and respect. Obviously, this course cannot cover everything one may wish (or even need) to know, but it does address many of the fundamental questions one encounters today. The converging lines of evidence found in the lectures and readings demonstrate that God exists, that Jesus is the Son of God and that the Bible is the Word of God. They also counter the major opposing worldviews we face – atheism and pantheism. The cumulative weight of these reasons for belief will enable you to respond effectively to those who ask you for a reason for the hope within you and will strengthen your personal faith in the process. C.S. Lewis maintained that he believed in Jesus as he believed that the sun is risen, not because he saw it all clearly, but because by it he saw everything else. These lectures will help us see clearly as we seek to engage those around us in a confident and winsome way, understanding their worldview and seeking an opportunity to present our own views in a relevant and compelling way

Set 4: Responding to New Age and Cults

We face a bewildering array of new religious movements in our culture today. The New Age movement and the new witchcraft – Neopaganism – have exploded on to the scene in the last twenty years. Numerous cults contend for a hearing, knocking on your door or using the media to gain influence. How can we respond? These lectures will provide help.

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