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One on One

Activities to help nurture faith.

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The Bless-Me, Bless You Game demonstrates the contagious nature of blessing, as one person is motivated to bless someone else by their gratitude for the generosity of another. Here is how it works. Create simple “gift tags” by writing the words below on a number of index cards. (Start with four per family member and add more if needed.) Decorate the cards with festive stickers, etc., and place them in a prominent spot in the house. For a period of time (a day, a week…it’s up to you), your family will look out for ways in which they are blessed by one another. When one family member recognizes a blessing and its source, he or she will find a way to pass on a blessing to someone else. They will address a “gift tag” to their target “blessee,” acknowledging the initial blessing and describing the follow-on blessing. The chain reaction of giving will be fun to follow. Meet together when the game ends to compare notes and trace the paths of blessing between participants’ names on a poster board.

Dear ____________ ,
Because _____________________ blessed me, I would like to bless you by

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