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One on One

Activities to help nurture faith.

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The activity for this month is a fun way to recognize how we grow in knowledge. Similar to “Twenty Questions” or games of that sort, each family member secretly chooses a person (someone you know, a Biblical or other historical figure, perhaps even another family member!) and then “gives” that identity to another player. Without using the name of the person, the first player will direct the second player on how to act as the chosen figure. Whoever guesses who the person is acting out from the fewest actions wins! A certain number of questions could also be incorporated into the game to deepen the amount of “knowledge” gained about people that we may have thought we knew better than we did.

This activity will help to vividly illustrate that growing in the knowledge of God is regularly obtained by imitating Christ Himself, and that the more we learn about what Jesus does, the better we will come to know Him.

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