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Missionaries are very important in the work of God’s Kingdom. While not everyone has to go far away to work as a missionary, all followers of Christ are expected to be involved in the work of spreading the Gospel. For this month’s activity, plan a special missionary activity with your kids, adapted to your own circumstances. This could be looking up a certain ministry and discussing what they do specifically, suggesting that your kids put a tithe of their allowance this month toward supporting the ministry; organizing a missionary outreach in your own neighborhood or among your kids’ school friends; or planning a mission trip to some far-off place for your family to go on some day and discussing where to go and what to do. Do some fun research into the various kinds of missionary work; explore how different places call for different approaches to sharing the Gospel. Have your kids make suggestions about how they would share the Gospel with different people (especially their friends, teachers, other people they know, etc.).

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