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Often in the Bible, things that happened in the Old Testament, such as the various ceremonies of the Temple and the celebration of Passover, were symbolic of things that Jesus was coming to do. While this does not change the historic significance of the Old, it gives it another kind of significance as well, that of showing us “types” of Christ, so we can better understand the story of His Salvation in the New Testament.

For our activity this month, have your children draw or make crafts of things that remind them of Jesus. Talk about the symbolism of baptism and Holy Communion. Perhaps read a book or watch a favorite movie that teaches a valuable message of truth, self-sacrifice, or the triumph of good over evil, and discuss how these symbols in our world can help to prepare us for and better understand God’s Truth and His whole overarching story of Creation and Redemption. Ask your children what they value most in this world, and show them how those things are meant only to help them draw closer to Jesus by showing them what He is like — pleasure in beautiful things, for example, draws us towards God’s “beauty of holiness” (Psalm 96:9); creative ability helps us to honor God as the Creator; admiration for earthly heroes prepares us to reverence Christ as the ultimate hero in His Sacrifice on the Cross.

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