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Book Foreword
John Charles Ryle (1816-1900) hardly needs an introduction, as his best-known works have been reissued and widely read over many years. The fine qualities of his writing have ensured that his books are still popular and useful. The present volume has become a classic work and is known and loved by many throughout the world.

Bishop Ryle, as he is still affectionately known even by many who would not share his love of the Church of England, was essentially a lover and teacher of biblical truth. His uncompromising stand for evangelical doctrine and scriptural holiness often made him unpopular with those who favoured new ideas and superficial practices. Those same virtues, however, make this work and his other writings as relevant today as ever they were, and they are equally evident in these sermons. . .

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J.C. Ryle

John Charles Ryle (1816 - 1900) was an evangelical Anglican clergyman and first Bishop of Liverpool. He was renowned for his powerful preaching and extensive tracts. He was educated at Eton and then Christ Church, Oxford. He offered himself for ministry in the Church of England and was duly accepted and ordained in December 1841.He wrote several well-known books, among them are Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (7 vols, 1856–69), Holiness and Practical Religion.  Ryle was described as having a commanding presence and vigorous in advocating his principles albeit with a warm disposition. He served as Bishop until his eighty-fourth year, where a general decline in health forced him to retire.


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