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Biblical Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

by Rev. Dr. Peter Toon

Thirdly, though the one word “meditation” is used, the actual spiritual discipline which is called meditation is not identical in all religions. There is, however, a distinct similarity in meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism on the one hand, and in Judaism and Christianity on the other. The simplest way to highlight the difference is to say that for the one meditation is an inner journey to find the center of one’s being, while for the other it is the concentration of the mind/heart upon an external Revelation.
For the one revelation/insight/illumination occurs when the inmost self (which is also the ultimate Self, the one final Reality) is reached by the journey into the soul, while for the other it comes as a result of the encounter with God in and through his objective Revelation to which Holy Scripture witnesses. . .

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Peter Toon

Peter Toon, was an Anglican priest, theologian, and historian. He graduated from King's College, London, was ordained in the Church of England and earned a Doctor of Philosophy from Christ Church, Oxford. He served as parish priest and theology instructor in both England and America, and was in high demand as a visiting professor and guest lecturer at seminaries and universities around the world. In the last decade of his working life, he served as President and CEO of the Prayer Book Society of the USA. He published many essays and over thirty books, including God's Statesman: Life and Work of John Owen, Born Again: A Biblical and Theological Study of Regeneration and Neither Archaic nor Obsolete.


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