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Prompts to Help You Pray

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The prayer for this month could be used as a starting point for a child’s daily devotions. Following the directions given in 1 Timothy 2:14, it covers all the areas we often need to pray about, but can’t think of the right words to express what we mean.


Dear God,
You have commanded us in Your Word to pray and give
thanks for all people.
Please bless everyone who belongs to Your family, and help
us to act and think and rejoice as followers of Christ should,
in everything we do, so we can help to bring others into Your Kingdom.

Bless those who do not yet know You, and help them to
discover Your Truth. And please help me to help them, especially
those I do not really like. Help me to forgive like You do.

Please show me what I ought to be when I grow up, and help
me to study and learn so that I can best serve You with the
gifts and talents You have given me.

Thank You for all the
people who work so hard at so many different careers; please
bless their work, protect those whose jobs are dangerous, and
make sure that they fairly earn enough to make a living and
help others.

Bless all those who must work together, giving
them a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect and kindness
toward each other.

Bless everybody who is in charge and responsible for
others—parents, teachers, government officials, military leaders,
and police officers. Help our lawmakers to make wise laws
and decisions that will keep society well ordered and peaceful.

Please bless all the soldiers
fighting for peace and freedom around the world,
and bring all wars to an end that will
uphold Your justice and righteousness.

Bless everybody who is poor or sick or in any other kind of
trouble. Make them so joyful in You that their problems seem
less troublesome, even before they completely go away. Help
us to remember to help and comfort those who are having
troubles, and please give us the ability to do so wisely.

Bless everybody who is growing old or in danger of dying, and
give them an opportunity to come to You before they leave this
world, so that they will live forever in the next.

Bless all my family and friends. Help us to live and learn and
have fun together in love, being an example of the love and
consideration for others that You want everyone to have for
each other in the one great family of Your Kingdom.

Bless all of those who have done nice things for me today, and
forgive all those who have been mean to me, and help them to
repent and make friends. Forgive me for all the wrong things
I have done and the unkind things I have thought, and fill me
with Your Holy Spirit so that I may think and love in a Christlike

Thank You, Jesus, for saving me on the Cross, and blessing
me with Your love all my life.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,



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