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How To Make Ethical Decisions In Business And Work

Five Commands For Business Ethics
by Jerry White

These five risky principles from the Scriptures—if fully obeyed—can radically transform our ways of doing business.

1. The principle of an "honest weight" requires us to give full quality for what is paid for.
2. We are to be totally honest with everyone—employer, co-workers, employees, and customers.
3. We are servants. The interests of others must come first.
4. We must accept full personal responsibility for our actions.
5. We are to seek neither unreasonable profits, nor unreasonable wages.

Ethics is a word that means whatever you want it to mean. Nearly all businessmen would say they are ethical, despite the varying degrees of integrity to be found among them. But a more precise definition of ethics is not enough to guide us into ethical behavior anyway. Many companies have codes of ethics that outline accepted conduct and practice, but these codes don’t ensure right actions. . .

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Jerry White

Jerry White, Author, Jerry White serves with The Navigators as President Emeritus and Chairman of the U.S. Board of Directors. Trained in the field of astronautics, he taught at the Air Force Academy and worked in various positions in the American space program. He earned his Ph.D. in Astronautics from Purdue University in 1970. He served 13 1/2 years active duty with the Air Force, 24 years in the reserves, and retired from the Air Force Reserves in 1997 as a Major General. Jerry has authored several books, including Honesty, Morality & Conscience and Dangers Men Face, Making Peace with Reality: Ordering Your Life In A Chaotic World and co-authored a nationally recognized textbook on astrodynamics.


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