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Passion For Your Name

It really is a mystery. How could such a gifted and trusted being as Lucifer (whose very name means “light bearer” or “son of the morning”) cause the first church split and take a third of the congregation with him? In Ezekiel 28—thought by many to refer to the fall of Lucifer—the Bible says that he was “the perfection of wisdom and beauty” (v.12). His clothing was “adorned with every precious stone” (v. 13), and God said, “I ordained and anointed you as the mighty angelic guardian” (v.14). So what went wrong? Although we may fear and despise Satan in equal measure, there is much we can learn from the story of his fall from grace that is crucial for us as workers in the kingdom of God.

Lucifer might have been wonderful, but he let it go to his head. He began to believe his own hype, as we might say today. He was amazing, beautiful, and glorious…but he wasn’t divine. Twice the Bible says that God created him (vv. 13,15); Lucifer may have been part of God’s wondrous creation, but he was not—and never could be—God. He did not exist before all else; he didn’t have the power to create incredible things—people, animals, plants, mountains, and seas—from nothing. Lucifer was subject to God’s rule and authority, just like anyone else. . .

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J. John Evangelist

J. John

J. John, Evangelist, (Rev’d Canon) has been an evangelist for 40 years. J. John has a Lambeth M.A. and is an Honorary Canon of Coventry Cathedral. He has spoken at conferences, universities and in towns and cities across 69 countries on 6 continents. This has included 36 series of Just10, re-examining the Ten Commandments. In 2017 he launched JustOne at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in London, and JustOne events are conducted throughout the UK. He has written several books across a range of subjects including the Theology For Little People series to help children understand biblical truth.


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