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For week one, ask the first question over an unhurried meal. Let the children think about it and then offer their own answers. The children should talk more than the parents. Throughout the week, offer the different reasons highlighted and let the children discuss them. (Parents, read through the relevant Bible passages in advance.) Challenge the children to look up other verses addressing the question. Do the same for the following questions each week for the month.


Week One:

How does being a Christian change our lives?

Read: 2 Corinthians 5:17

  • We have been “born again” as children of God. Our minds and hearts, instead of being in rebellion against God, have been brought into line, through Christ, with what God has always desired for us — our salvation.
  • We no longer need fear death or anything bad that can happen to us, because we have eternal life with God in Heaven.
  • This changes our entire perspective on life: instead of worrying about the concerns of the world which will not last, we can focus on matters of eternal significance—faith, hope, and love of God and neighbor

Week Two

Why is it so important to have our lives changed by Jesus?

Read: John 3:3-7

  • Salvation is more than being forgiven for our sins and promised Heaven after we die—the exciting new life of the Kingdom of God begins for us here on earth (if your children are older, this may be a good time introduce the terms justification—being freed from sin—and sanctification—being made holy—to their vocabulary).
  • We can only help others come into God’s Kingdom if we show the evidence of how wonderful it is in our
    own lives.
  • Life is no fun lived apart from Jesus—even though we will be forgiven our sins after-wards if we repent, there are always consequences in this life, and it is much nicer to live God’s way every day rather than sinning all week and repenting only on Sundays!

Week Three:

How do we live this new life in Christ?

Read: Galatians 4:1-5 and 5:21-25, Ephesians 2:8-10

  • Not by simply following rules—we cannot live the way God wants us to on our own; we need His grace every moment and need to be continually reformed and renewed spiritually by Him. However, spiritual disciplines and other specific “rules” or acts of obedience to God’s will are part of instilling and living out this new life in us. Parents can read more about teaching spiritual disciplines to their children in the Keeping The Faith Study Guide.
  • This changes our entire perspective on life: instead of worrying about the concerns of the world which will not last, we can focus on matters of eternal significance—faith, hope, and love of God and neighbor.
  • Sometimes we don’t really “feel” the new life inside of us. Then, the best thing to do is go and do something practical that is in accordance with our new life in Christ—something that shows His Love. Even little things like drying the dishes without being asked can be seen as the fruits of the new life inside of us.

Week Four:

What are the practical ways in which I can develop my new life as a born-again true disciple of Jesus?

Read: Colossians 3:1-4:6, James 2:15-20

  •  At home—obeying and helping my parents, sharing with my brothers and sisters, suggesting and participating in family activities and discussions that focus on our
    new life in Christ together.
  • At school—respecting my teachers, being kind to all my fellow students as well as my best friends, setting a good example by not letting my friends influence me to do things Jesus wouldn’t do, checking everything I learn in my schoolbooks against the Bible to make sure I can distinguish between the true and false ideas provided in a secular school environment (and even if your child goes to a Christian school or is home schooled, no human teacher is perfect, and so it is still important to remember that every book and every idea picked up at school must be judged for its truth and helpfulness by the one true standard of God’s Word).
  • At church—listening to my pastors and Sunday School teachers, helping with missionary and other church service projects to help other people learn about Jesus, making good friends with all the other people who share my faith in Jesus and the same new life with me—church is like one big family!
  • In my community—helping others who don’t have as much as I do, making friends and taking every opportunity to be nice andhelpful and give up my own way for others’ sake instead of starting quarrels, taking a firm stand against anything Jesus does not approve of.
  • All the time—“pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), take time every day to spend in devotion to God, ask Him to help with every decision, so that you will know how to behave in accordance with the new life He has given you, and rejoice in knowing how much He loves you!

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