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What Jesus Loved

''I just don’t love her anymore.” Identical words uttered on separate occasions by two men, one married to his wife for only four months, the other married to his wife for over fifty years. That may sound bizarre, but it’s quite tragically true. Both men said that they no longer felt anything for their wives, and that they weren’t getting anything out of the relationship. They both also said that they had now found another woman whom they “really” loved. They eventually left their wives and went off in pursuit of what they described as their own personal happiness and fulfillment.

That was the introduction to my first year as a pastor. It was quite a shock, especially because both men were professing Christians. Wouldn’t their professed love for Jesus make a difference in their other relationships? Those incidents forced me to take a hard look at what we call love...

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Michael J. Wilkins

Michael J. Wilkins, Theologian, specializes in New Testament theology, Christology, and discipleship. He earned, his M.Div. in New Testament Language and Literature from Talbot Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. in New Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the former Dean of the Faculty and Chair of the New Testament Department. He is author of Matthew (NIVAC); Following the Master: Biblical Theology of Discipleship; “Matthew” (ZIBBC); In His Image: Reflecting Christ in Everyday Life; and Discipleship in the Ancient World and Matthew’s Gospel (2nd ed.), among others. Dr. Wilkins was co-editor of Worship, Theology and Ministry in the Early Church (Festschrift for Ralph P. Martin) and with J.P. Moreland, Jesus Under Fire.


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