April We Shall Live Forever
March Practical Advice and Encouragement
February A Poetic Reminder to Beware the Deadly Sins
January The Desire For My True Country


December The Present Time
November Looking Along and At Everything
October Patriotism
September The Song of The Lion
August Lifeline or Death Line?
July People of a Particular Sort
June From Individual Humility to Corporate Pride
May Christianity And Politics
April To Be Summoned Inside
March A Divine Work of Art
February Closest Proximity And Infinite Distance
January We Must Come To Terms With It


December The Real Beauty of an Incarnation
November A Creature Before Its Creator
October Turning Our Attention Outward
September A Merry Meeting
August The Death of a Friend
July Awareness of the Situation
June Why Pray?
May Movement Full Speed Astern
April A New Mode of Being
March Change and Permanence
February The Change I Most Need to Undergo
January We Love This World Even Better


December The Turn of the Tide
November Any One and Every One Is a Target
October When Faith Becomes a Means
September God Communicating His Presence
August What Calls One Away is Better
July First and Second Things
June Truths Ancient and Simple
May Our Model is Jesus
April A New Chapter in Cosmic History
March Lead Us Not Into Temptation
February My Time? My Body? My Soul?
January The Seeing Eye


December Xmas and Christmas
November You Have Work In Hand
October Unveiling Ourselves in Prayer
September Enjoying Good Memories
August The Implications of God's Love
July Are You A "Translator"?
June We Cannot Remain Silent
May Being Taken "Out of Ourselves"
March Called to Actively Serve in the Resistance
February Love is Not Controlling
January The Joy of Accepting God's Unexpected Gifts


December The Christmas Message of Incarnation
November Our Choice of Friends
October Forgiving in Difficult Situations
September Small Sins?
August Mistaking the Means for the End
July The Real Gift
June Carrying Out a Mission
May Serving Jesus and Others in Troubling Times
April There is No Other Stream
March The “Hydra” of Pride
February The Gift of Friendship Love
January What are your Turkish Delights?


December Learning from the Christmas Animals
November Expect Jesus to Show Up
October Christian Scientist is Not an Oxymoron
September Why Would God Choose to Come Down to Our Tiny Planet?
August The Problem with Religion
July God is Love - But What Does That Really Mean?
It's More Like God's Search For Man Than Man's Search For God
May Catching the Good Infection of Christ
April Communion with God is Real Whether Feelings Are There or Not
March Rediscovering Our Delight in God Through the Psalms
February God's Gift-love and Our Need-love
January I'm Asking for Nothing but My Rights


December Christianity Makes Sense of the World
November Stand Firm against the Theological Fads of the Day
October Freedom in Defending the Truth of Christ
September Assurance That God Hears and Answers Our Prayers
August What if the best work was always done by a Christian?
July Conquering Fear & Finding True Friendship
June The Dangers of the Inner Ring
May Our Vocation Encompasses All of LIfe
April Science and Miracles Go Together
March The Reality of Heaven and Hell
February Charity - Loving the Unlikeable
January To Know God is To Obey God


December Joseph Believed in the Miracle of the Virgin Birth
November His Exhibitions of Sparkling Virtuosity
October The American Trait of Doing vs. Being
September The Cleansing and Transforming Power of Aslan
August Men Without Chests
July What if God is Alive, Not the Impersonal Life-Force of Star Wars?
June God Created Nature - The Rational Explanation
May God Invites Us to Enjoy Him 
April The One Grand Miracle
March Comparing Notes - The Importance of Mutual Encouragement
February The Risk of Love
January Communicating "Mere Christianity"


December Three Kinds of People  
November Vague Guilt?  
October We Must Use Our Minds  
September Finding Our True Selves
August The Unraveling of the Soul
July The Life of the World to Come  
June The Full Treatment  
May God's Purpose for the Believer, the Church, and the Creation  
April Getting a Bigger View of Prayer
March Preparing for Judgment Day  
February What God Wants of You
January The Key to History  


December The Transformative Potential of Pain in Our Lives  
November Loving Others  
October Why Did God Allow the Fall?  
September Using Your Head  
August Communicating Truth Through Story
July Why Every Believer Needs Theology
June Hindrances to Prayer
May What Kind of Person Will You Be?
April Sustaining Faith
March Standing Before God
February On Reading Old Books
January Longing For Home


December Christmas Reflections
November Love That Purifies and Transforms
October Why God Continues to Meddle in Our Lives
September Judging Others
August Finding a Good Church  
July Faultfinding  
June What is God's Plan for Your Life?
May The Snare of Disordered Love  
April Keeping Life in Perspective
March Relying on Riches  
February Surrender
January The Gift of Pain?  


December The Greatest Sin
November Half-Hearted Creatures  
October Conviction of Sin
September Rivals to Christ in Our Hearts
August Learning to Love
July Where is God in the Silence?  
June The Importance of Thinking Things Through  
May The Natural Life and the Spiritual Life
April A Dangerous Illusion
March The Purpose of the Church
February Rats in the Cellar of my Life
January Growing Up Spiritually


December On Giving  
November Danger During Spiritual Dry Spells  
October Choosing Christ
September The Subtle Attraction of the Inner Ring  
August The Problem of Evil and the Necessity of Choice  
July Must I Forgive?
June Creating Christian Family  
May (no Reflections this month)    
April Faith or Works?
March Sexual Purity  
February Human Sexuality  
January The Necessity of Forgiveness


December Living in Hope
November The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ
October Release from False Guilt  
September Are We Spiritually Bankrupt?
August Serving God Through Study  
July Better Things Ahead  
June Pride and Prejudice
May Now You See It, Now You Don't  
April Kingdom Substitutes
March Feelings or Faith for Foundations?
February Trust and Obey
January Who am I Becoming?


December True Love  
November Caution: Christmas Ahead  
October Trials and Tribulations  
September "God" and God
August Growing?
July Making Sense of Our Lives
June Unconditional Surrender
May Trusting and Trying  
April Fix Your Hope
March The Law of Undulation
February An Unrecognized Danger
January Knowing God


December What do You Desire?
November Blessings Temporal and Spiritual  
October Ambition: Vice or Virtue?
September Jesus Christ
August Prayer
July Learning to Discern  
June Looking Forward  
May Growing Through Giving  
April What Are You Helping Your Neighbor Become?
March What Are You Becoming?
February Something Else...  
January A Figment of the Imagination?


December Thoughts on Christmas Past  
November Living Safely with God's Blessings  
October The Privilege and Power of Prayer
September Engaging the Process  
August Transformation in Christ  
July Humility
June A Lovely Idea  
May The Great Sin
April The Hard Way Or The Easy Way  
March Loving Our Neighbor
February Loving God
January Spiritual Health


COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  "Reflections" is published by C.S. Lewis Institute; 8001 Braddock Road, Suite 301; Springfield, VA 22151. Portions of the publication may be reproduced for noncommercial, local church or ministry use without prior permission. Electronic copies of the PDF files may be duplicated and transmitted via e-mail for personal and church use. Articles may not be modified without prior written permission of the Institute.

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