June 2, 2016 – June 10, 2016

Learning from the Spiritual Pilgrimage of C.S. Lewis

Lyle Dorsett, who has been the Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism at Beeson Divinity School since 2005, began studying the spiritual formation of C.S. Lewis because he wanted to understand how Lewis developed spiritually. From the time of his conversion he began to grow into the increasingly mature Christian who would have a positive impact on many people. Dorsett’s research involved numerous trips to Britain over seven years, scores of formal oral history interviews with people who knew Lewis, and studying Lewis’s books and many of his letters. As he worked on this topic, Dorsett found that his own spiritual disciplines and approach to growing in the faith were changed.

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Table of Contents


Session One: Introduction and Part 1 of Prayer: “A Sustained and Regular Habit”

Session Two: Part 2 of Prayer: “A Sustained and Regular Habit”

Session Three: Scripture: “Its Necessity for Spiritual Formation”

Session Four: The Church and the Necessity of Spiritual Formation in Community

Session Five — Spiritual Friends and Guidance

Session Six: A Reluctant Guide: Final Lessons from the Life of C.S. Lewis

The Spiritual Pilgrimage of C.S. Lewis: Lyle W. Dorsett – Biography

Appendix: Further Recommended Reading on the Topics Addressed by This Course

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