September 16, 2022 – September 9, 2023

The Abolition of Man

When C.S. Lewis gave his lectures which became the book The Abolition of Man, he was not trying to present a biblical argument against moral relativism. Instead, he sought to point to the logical inconsistencies and dangers of a worldview that doesn’t hold to the idea of absolute truth. He did this in part by highlighting the natural law or moral law which is visible in all civilizations and written on the consciences of all human beings as an argument for his thesis. In other words, he focused on what theologians would call “natural revelation” to make his point to the academics he was encountering who might have been agnostic, atheist, humanist or theist in their worldviews.

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Introduction to The Abolition of Man

Chapter 1: Men Without Chests

Chapter 2: The Way

Chapter 3: The Abolition of Man

Conclusion: Illustrations of the Tao and Hope for the Future

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