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A Very Brief Presentation

One of the most memorable experiences of my doctoral studies was the annual gathering of Langham Scholars (UK) for three days of study, prayer, and encouragement. Doctoral students from all over the so-called developing world (which included my own Romania) were not only supported financially: we were also authentically cared for by our mentors. On one occasion, each scholar had to explain to the rest the thesis he or she was working on. Not a difficult task, I thought—until we were given the second part of the assignment: to explain the thesis’s practical and spiritual significance in our lives. People who have come across doctoral theses at some point in their lives know that these are some of the most obscure, narrow, technical, and almost utterly unintelligible works. Sometimes it is even embarrassing to be asked, “And what is your doctorate on?”
Most of my fellow scholars had either very practical, or at least historical, topics, or they had straightforward exegetical theses. A small number of us were focusing on systematic theology, with only a couple on philosophical theology. My own work was on “postliberal theology,” and it was rather philosophical. As the students were explaining how learning from the experience of the church under communism has benefited their own spiritual life, or how they learned from the leadership mistakes of some regional body of believers in Ghana, or how a fresh exegesis of 1 Corinthians solves interesting practical quandaries, and so on, I was mind racing around these ideas: postliberal, spiritual, how do they go together?...

Adonis Vidu

Adonis Vidu, Teacher, earned his B.A. at Emmanuel Bible Institute, an M.Phil. at Babes-Bolyai University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham.  He came to Gordon-Conwell from his native Romania, where he previously taught at Emmanuel University and the University of Bucharest. At Gordon-Conwell, Dr. Vidu teaches a number of electives in addition to systematic theology, including Recent Theories of the Atonement, The Attributes of the Trinitarian God, Modern Theology, Theological Hermeneutics. He is also one of the conveners of the Gordon-Conwell Theology Forum, a space for robust and friendly theological exchange among students and faculty.


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